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Much Ado About Bamboo

By Gina G.

Bamboo shades are great options to add texture and a natural vibe to any room.  If you are considering a bamboo shade but unfamiliar with them, here’s a brief snapshot:

Bamboo or woven wood shades are typical comprised of natural woods, bamboo chutes, and grasses. Because of their wooden composition, they provide some insulation, although they are not the best insulation option. These materials are generally held together by color coordinated thin threads (to allow the bamboo to really shine). Most bamboo shades will be sheer due to their composition unless the chutes are layered partially atop each other which would then give privacy. And, they are also usually the same color on the front and back of the shade.

There are a plethora of styles and colors to choose from that range from white to black but the majority of bamboo shades are offered in solid wood colors (usually popular wood tones like oak, mahogany, etc) or multi colored (to coordinate with a variety of wood colors).  The features available for bamboo shades are plentiful too.  You can choose a more formal look by choosing a bamboo style that has folds and bubbles out like a roman shade.  Or, for a more relaxed look, you can choose a more modern flat style resembling a roller shade. Most often, because of the more relaxed nature of bamboo shades, they are presented with a flat panel stlye. 

Although the headrails, brackets, and depth required for bamboo shades are varied, most come with a matching valance that is usually pre-attached to the headrail. The valance covers any hardware and gives the shade a finished look. For the bottom of your bamboo shade, you can choose whether to have it fold up (like a roman shade) or just roll up (these will usually have visible cords at the front of the shade).

Liners are another, more functional, option for bamboo shades that don’t have overlapping sticks or tight weaves. Most woven wood shades are sheer products without a liner. If you’re placing the shade in a room where privacy is necessary, you will need to add a liner to it. Some bamboo shades are offered with a blackout liner option making them viable products for bedrooms.

Finally, some bamboo shades are offered with fabric edges on the sides of the shade. These have dual purpose when utilized: to add pops of color and print and to protect the edges of the shade from damage.

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Leyton BTG Store 151

It is time to start the new year fresh and bring new ideas into your home. Blinds to Go now offers a new style to our line of unique styles. The new Highlands material is a versatile design inspired by the beauty of woven woods (Bamboo shades.) blending different hues and colors to create a natural yet elegant look and texture. The Highlands style come in many different colors such as: Wheat, a soft light biege color. Teak, Similar to Wheat but a slightly darker biege with more accents in color. Clove, a dark red and brown giving a very warm color to the room. Birch, a perfect mix of the colors of wheat and teak,  with streaks of grey woven through. and last but not least, Stone, a vibrant grey in a “cookies and cream” blendalmost like Birch but instead of biege and grey,  it is white and grey with minor black accents.

The Highlands come not only in a light filtering,  but a Room darkening as well. This is the same pattern as the Highlands, but with a soft room darkening lining on the back that dims light and provides a neutral background to the street. The shades are not black out due to the fact that like other woven shades,  their are still minor Light gaps between the weaves. The highlands can come in roller shades, as well as Roman shades,  and vertical blinds. (Highlands room darkening however is not available in fabric vertical blinds).

Let your new year start with a unique and different change in your home. The Highlands are a perfect way to start something new in redecorating and blends with most styles and settings in your home.

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Home Away from Home

Home Away From Home

When decorating your home away from home, whether it’s a small tiny place or a big open space, it’s your escape.  Living in a country that gets to see all four seasons, we tend to appreciate the nicer weather and enjoy what we call the “cottage season”.  When we go up to the cottage not only do we want to enjoy ourselves with a change of scenery in the nice weather, but we want to feel just as comfortable in our surroundings as if we were actually at home.

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Paradise in Your Home

By: Nariah K.


It’s getting warmer and warmer by the day, so it’s time to get the family together and migrate to your family beach house. Before you do that, you have some decorating to do. What better way to dress up your beach house by putting some new shades up, such as woven woods? Woven woods are the perfect accessories for your window and can make your home feel comfortable and cozy just like the beach. These shades would fit perfect for homes with natural, earthy, or tropical decor. No one woven wood looks the same, each specific shade has it’s own look, making the woven woods the most unique shades we have.

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Sun Room

By: Karen E.

catalina white

When summer comes along, so does decorating the sunroom.  Traditionally, bamboo is a popular option for sunrooms.  Usually, because sunrooms are often casual, and decorated with a lot of casual elements, often including wicker furniture.  The great thing about bamboo is there are a lot of options and customizations.

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Where is the Shade? 

By: Ashley H.


The summer months are very popular for many people. It’s the time when you can kick off the snow boots, shred those chunky sweaters off your back, and slip into a simple dress or some shorts and step out with flip-flops. At this time of year, we trade the dull and cold air with warmer temperatures and smoother living. But even with this being said, sometimes it can get too hot and that is when the uncomfortable feeling and hatred towards summer comes in. In homes, many people still have their curtains and drapes up because they block a good amount of light, but now is the time to shed those old hot looking window treatments for a sleek and cooler option.

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Hot, Hot, Hot

By: Tiffany H.


Summer is almost here! It’s time to break out the bathing suits and beach wear, showing off that new figure you’ve been working on all winter, and get to work on trying to achieve the perfect tan. Now lets switch gears and turn our focus on getting your windows on tight summer condition with a change of the season comes a change of the shades.

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Earth Tones: Outside In!

By Gina G.


One of my favorite color palettes is earth tone.  I love utilizing the colors we find outside in nature to decorate the insides of homes.  I especially appreciate the contrast that earth tones allow.  In particular, I enjoy contrasting greens, reds, and browns.  For instance, having light colored greens contrasting deep, dark browns with accenting reds, or any combination of this really can bring a relaxing warmth to any room.

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Natural Weave Theme Sun Room

By: Dominic002_barcelona_citrusspice_011


One of the best places in your house to kick back and relax during the summer time would be your sunroom. There are many different themes that you can go with when decorating and furnishing your sunroom and one of the most popular would be a bright, natural look. There are all types of possibilities that you can go with when setting up the window treatments for that room and get a nice, natural look out of them. There are many weave patterned shade styles that are great for keeping your room bright but still cutting back on the amount of sun that would be coming in through your windows. 

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Woven Woods – What You Should Know

 By: AishaWov-BorneoNtmg-det2_8649


What should you know about woven woods when it comes to a sun porch? Woven woods are made out of pieces of woven bamboo slats. Some are more tightly woven than others. Bamboo should not be placed in direct sunlight without a liner. The reason being is that they will fade fast and intense hot and cold shifts in weather can cause the bamboo material to split and crack. Adding a liner cuts down the direct heat and the potential occurrence of this. Also it is good to know that certain woven woods have the potential to fray over time on the sides. To counter this, you can purchase woven woods with decorative tape, allowing for a more cohesive bond.

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