Limescale Cleaning

Limescale cleaning Pierre BTG Store 151 Limescale is a mineral deposit that builds up on faucet, toilets, sinks and even blinds, it is a nuisance but easy to get rid off. You will need heavy duty cleaning gloves, brush, vinegar, and bucket, and borax, and last a spray bottle. All can be found at a […]


By: Gloria I don’t know what it is about the month of February, but all I can think about is red.  Maybe it is all the love in the air or the fact that every time I turn around I see a red heart.  If you to are going crazy for red and want to […]

Home, Home, Home, and a Merry Decor!

By: Meghan Hot cocoa with marshmallows, cookies and milk, carolers hung on the hearth, gum drops, sugar plums!, and the focus of the room- that grand tree with bundles of presents. Piled high and wrapped- the whole room festive. It is Christmas time and you are on a decorating frenzy. The only thing to bring […]

All about Aluminums

By: Ali   As much fun as decorating your house can be, it can also be a stressful endeavor. One of the biggest issues faced is budget. We want to bring out the best in our decor, but most of us do not have thousands of dollars lying around to be spent on our window […]

Aluminum Blinds: Underrated?

By: Karen I recently moved into a new house, with a lot of windows. I think there were somewhere around 30 windows throughout the whole house. And, of course, when I moved in there was absolutely nothing in the windows, the previous owners decided not to leave anything behind. Which, I suppose was fine, because […]

Venetian Blinds Gone Right

By: Nasim Growing up I was very fond of the venetian aluminum blinds. Throughout the house we had all white aluminum blinds in every room. I remember growing to hate the look of them as they were everywhere and looked so plain and cheap. Recently moving into my own apartment I began my search for […]