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advantages of vinyl blinds

Blinds General Tips and Advice

Aluminum VS Vinyl Blinds

Aluminum and vinyl are two materials used in the manufacture of blinds. Both materials come with advantages and disadvantages. Blinds, regardless of what material they are made of, serve the same basic function. They are used to shade windows and let an adjustable amount of light into a given room.


Aluminum blinds are strong and do not break as easily as vinyl blinds. Vinyl blinds, however, flex easier and do not tend to dent or crease. Vinyl blinds are also easier to clean than aluminum. Aluminum blinds are easier to repair than vinyl blinds; usually when vinyl blinds break, they are simply discarded.


While vinyl blinds produced in the United States contain no lead, vinyl blinds imported from other countries may contain traces of lead. Vinyl is a lighter and weaker material than aluminum, so blinds made of vinyl break more easily. One disadvantage of aluminum blinds is that it’s not as easy to manufacture them with special textures, such as wood grains, as it is with vinyl blinds.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminum blinds tend to be more energy-efficient than vinyl blinds; the metal blinds do a better job of reflecting rays from the sun, keeping rooms cooler during hot seasons. Vinyl blinds tend to absorb rays from the sun, resulting in a warmer room. Sunny rooms may benefit from the presence of aluminum blinds.

Cost Factors

The bigger the set of blinds, regardless of material, the more the set costs. Vinyl blinds traditionally cost less than aluminum blinds, and the difference in price between aluminum and vinyl increases along with the size of the blind. Texture can add to the price; for instance, vinyl blinds that have been manufactured to look like wooden blinds tend to cost more than blinds with no texture. However, both aluminum and vinyl blinds come in a range of prices, and a basic aluminum blind may well be less expensive than a highly designed vinyl blind.

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Vinyl Mini Blinds – 1″ or 2″

By: Erica

Top Reasons For Choosing Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds come in stunning, beautiful colors and stains. If you are looking for some natural colors to decorate your home or office choose these vinyl blinds. When compared to other types of blinds they are long lasting, and a great substitute for wooden blinds. The greatest advantage is that they come with affordable price tags. Blinds are very useful not only in homes but also in the office. They help you control the amount of light coming into your rooms that can interrupt your work. They are also a great means for enhancing the privacy. Some blinds are great insulators as well. There are various benefits of using the vinyl blinds. Here are some of the advantages along with cleaning tips!

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