Studio Tips and Tricks

STUDIO TIPS AND TRICKS. In seven years I have lived in at least eight small space studio apartments. Along the way I have experimented, and found out about what works and what does not work for a small space studio. One common obstacle that I alway run into with all my studio apartments is that […]

Changing Your Apartment Décor

By Kim W. Apartment living. You’re 23. You graduated college, just got a new job, moved out into your first apartment on your own, things are going great until it seems like you just suddenly wake up one morning and realize, where is all of my money?? Here are a few tips and tricks to […]

What colors should I make my room?

By: Sai Conventional wisdom says always go neutral because you never know what you might change in the future. I am here to say forget that! Do as you wish as long as you do it the right way. You see there is an art form of picking out a color for your blinds, paint […]