By: Tiffany H

Having a toss up between which of our more decorative products is going to wow your sweetheart this¬† Valentine’s Day? Well here are a few options that will both wow and dazzle your special loved one on Valentines Day.


Our top of the line and most unique product, the Serenity, holds all of the features anyone would look for when searching for window treatments. The Serenity’s distinct design plays a dual role of both a blind and shade, offering the options of either light filtering or room darkening. This delicate sheer shade, combines the simple elegance of a curtain with the light control of a blind, serving all your multifunctional needs.


Next we have Roman shades, a timeless yet modern touch of class. Our Romans, probably the popular of all our delicate shades, continues to satisfy and delight all who have them grace their windows. Having each shade made with the softest highest quality fabrics, and offering a variety of different styles and colors, in a flat or most common classic billowed look. Our Roman shades are a perfect choice whether a formal or casual elegance is desired.


Lastly our newest and most unique product , next to the Serenity, the Cascade offers the up-most in modernity. Close sister to the Serenity, the Cascade offers the soft look of a fabric with a similar design of a blind, substituting a tilting panel for sheer, opaque panels, which alternate to provide both light and privacy. This is your Mercedes-Benz of blinds and shades, combining the sleek modern look of a roller shade, with the sophistication of the Serenity, providing a soft, delicate look to any room and window.

So, if your really looking to make a solid impression this Valentines Day, the Cascade would definitely be the right way to go. Encompassing elegance, class, and a avant-garde appeal to the traditional window treatments.