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We recently redecorated our dining room, and the only thing left to do to the room is window treatments. No matter what room I decorate, it seems that the window treatments are always left until the last minute. In reality, it’s because I have no idea how I’m supposed to match them to the rest of the room. Everything else makes sense, you do a carpet that’s not too light, so it doesn’t show too much wear, you choose wall colors based on the size of your room, and you choose furniture to pull all of the elements of your room together. So I set out to figure out how to match your window treatments to everything else you’ve done in my room, and it turned out to be quite easy.


It seems that a lot of rules of decorating, if not all of them, apply to window treatments as well. For instance, if it is a small room that I want to feel more open and airy, I should go with a lighter color, If it is a bigger room I can get away with a darker color because I don’t need to brighten it up. Another rule seems to be, if you are worried about cleaning too often, a neutral color – not too light, not too dark – is best at hiding dirt.


 As far as what to match to, there actually isn’t a right or wrong answer for that either! If you want to be safe, you can match it to the trim of the windows or the floor – because those elements are less likely to change, but if you want to be more daring you can match to the fabrics that are in the room – because they will really pop, and draw attention to the windows.


Applying my new knowledge to my dining room, I knew I could go with a darker color, because there are six windows, and they were huge so I could get away with something darker. But because I hate dusting, I didn’t want to go too dark – the dust would stand out too much. So I decided to go in between and match to the gold tones on the upholstery on my chairs. The treatments are much more daring than what I would normally chose, but they really finish the room off nicely!

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