By: Jessica


One of the most popular options for sun rooms would be the Blinds to Go Sunweave collection. These multi-purpose shades let natural light through while keeping the view to the beautiful outside. This line of shades will block some of the UV rays as well as the harsh glare that comes along with direct sunlight. Sunweaves also have an insulation factor; they will keep the heat out during the summer and some of the cold out during wintertime. These properties contribute to protecting flooring, furniture, and any accessories from direct sun exposure.

Blinds to Go offers three different categories of sunweave; separated by the percentage of light and UV rays they let through the fabric. The first, Tokyo,lets through 10% of the UV rays. Miami, Milan, Barcelona, and Manhattan are all rated 5%, and finally Dubai is 3%. Tokyo has the most open weave, while Dubai is the tightest. The tighter the weave means the more private it is, but you can see better through darker coloured sunweaves.

Sunweaves are a perfect example of how one can combine funtion and decor. By pairing the blind with a more decorative valance such as the Single Majestic, the color in the valance’s trim can be accented with other accessories in the space. For a more modern/contemporary look, adding a Fabric Cassette Valance to the roller will add that perfect finishing touch.

Although some people think sunweaves are too industrial or “office-looking” for their homes, there are many different colours, patterns and textures available to meet everyone’s style and taste.