By: Kim RL-miami_esp-019_cmyk


Looking for something to cut down on that harsh summer sun but want to maintain that view? Sunweaves do just that. They come in various weaves and thicknesses so you can choose how much sun is let in, and how much you can see through them. They are also easy to clean as they are made of fabric that has been coated in vinyl – you can just wipe them down with a sponge!

Sunweaves are great for sunrooms and three season porches. Since these rooms tend to have more windows than others the clean sleek look of a sunweave won’t overwhelm the space. You can choose to get them with a chain to roll the material up and down or it can come as a simple pull shade too! Having no chains is great for families with kids as it eliminates the hazard all together.  Cordless also cleans up the over-all look of the room. On the other hand, the cords do come with a clip to mount into the framing to hold the chain down for child safety.  In addition, cords are easier to use to direct the shade exactly where you want it to be and line them up evenly, if that’s one of your concerns.

These shades also come in all sorts of colors and patterns, with some simple solids to more natural looking textures. However, if privacy is what you’re looking for, then sunweaves are not for you. While you may not be able to see in very well during the day; at night if you turn on the light you can see right through the material.  While they do have a more modern look and are often spotted in store fronts, pairing them with curtains is a great modern look as well. It keeps the room bright but helps preserve the furniture. Sunweaves can fit all sorts of room styles and motifs!