By: Nasim

Most restaurants have an open front window, in which they usually opt to leave untreated as they’d like for potential customers to be able to see in. But some restaurants are located in areas where the sun is directly hitting, and the reflection of the sun creates a glare that may bother the customers dining in. In these cases the owner may want a treatment that can block out the glare of the sun.

A good option for this situation is a sun weave shade. It provides the transparency level that the owners desire, so that from the outside the diner is still visible on the inside. A sun weave shade will block out the glare of the sun while still providing that transparent look.

Another big reason that restaurant owners choose sun weaves is the protection it provides. Sunweaves provide protection from UV rays. This is a big deal for owner’s who have expensive or valuable furniture in the restaurant in which they want to prevent from fading or getting sun damaged. Sun weaves also provide a more business professional clean-cut look that draws more business owners into opting for them.

There are a lot of situations in which the sun weaves pose no purpose to be used in, mainly for people looking for privacy or shade but in cases where a glare or the uv rays need to be blocked, they are a great option to choose.