By: Kyle

There is nothing worse than waking up in the early morning as the sun rises and you sit down to eat breakfast, but that ray of sunshine seems to scrape across the horizon right into your face. Or you turn on the TV to watch some afternoon Sunday baseball but you can barely see the TV because that sun has managed to shine right into your window. Clearly the see-through drapes I have mounted on the window are doing me no good. I need something that’s going to offer me the protection from the sun, give me  some privacy but not take away from the view I have of the outdoors.

One of the most overlooked shades today is the Sunweave. The Sunweave is a part of the roller shade family and has all the same functions a roller shade has. They go up and down, you can add valances and choose from various colors. The most beautiful part about Sunweaves is how they are woven together for you to see right through them as if there was almost nothing there, but for people looking from the outside in, they cannot see anything. I know, I know, this sounds too good to be true and like in most cases, nothing can be perfect. Where Sunweaves offer you that privacy of no one seeing through the shade, that is only for a limited time. Picture Sunweaves like vampires, once the sun goes down; they turn into a new species. The truth about Sunweaves is, during the day it’s one of the best blinds for adding privacy, reflecting the glare of the sun, and adding warmth to a room, but at night, it’s all different; you can see through a Sunweave only if you are standing outside now. Your nosy neighbors can now see into your house to make sure you’re not up to anything bad. From inside the house, it will be like trying to see through a brick wall. It will still cut down on the glare of the sun, only there is no sun at night.

Now there are two options here. If you have the privilege like myself, to have my neighbors a certain distance apart where they can’t see into my house, Sunweaves are exactly what you need. I can throw a few Sunweaves onto my windows to finally watch Sunday afternoon baseball where I’m not losing the ball in the sun like many outfielders in baseball do, and continue to have the privacy I was looking for; as well as keeping my view of the outside landscape.

Lastly, the second option I had mentioned is for you home owners who have those nosy neighbors that are always spying through the windows to see what you’re up to. You must avoid Sunweaves! I’m sorry I teased you about these unbelievable shades, but they are not for you. You desire more privacy than what a Sunweave can give you. You must move on and forget about them!