By: Keith


I recently moved into a huge house in the south of France which contains a sun room where I love to sit and watch the waves while hanging out with my pet bird, Brighty.  Nonetheless, my main issue is that the room is mostly windows and they are all empty.  This results in the room becoming very warm when the sun beats in.  I personally have a very high tolerance for aggressive temperatures, however, Brighty can only be in the room for small amounts at a time before it gets too warm and he faces health risks.  This is a problem because I do not like hanging out in my sun room without the company of Brighty.  I decided it was time to cover up my windows in some capacity.

While back in the states a couple of weeks after moving to France to see family and friends, I drove by a place called blinds store and decided to stop in and see what my options were.  I was greeted by a tall, lanky gentleman with whom I described my problem.  Upon gaining a solid understanding of my needs he showed me to a couple of different options.  The first option was a sort of screen looking shade called a sunweave which appealed to me immediately because I would be able to see outside while cutting the heat down significantly.  Cellular shades were the second option he showed which would also cut down on heat as well as cold in the winter, but I wouldn’t be able to see outside.  After seeing both options, I knew I preferred sunweaves.  After finding the color that worked for me I decided to purchase them and bring them back on the plane with me to France.

One month has passed since putting up my sunweaves and I can say that I am truly amazed.  The heat is cut down to such an immense degree that I am more comfortable and Brighty can hang out with me all the time!