Sunweave Panel track for the Sun Room


By: Dominic


I have a sun room off to the side of my house which is fully enclosed with a slider in the back. The slider is fairly large and takes up almost ten feet of the back wall. The slider has three panes, the two outside panes are stationary and the middle is the one that operates the door. I have no neighbors on that side of the house and I live on a dead end street but the sun comes in very strong and I was afraid that the sun rays would damage the floor and furniture that I put in that room. I had heard of sunweave shades from my brother. A sunweave shade is a screen like material that is used to cover the window. The function on the material is to block the UV rays from the sun but the material is also see through and allows the light to penetrate through and not lose your view. So I figured that they would be a good fit for me. I decided to look into covering up my slider with something like that.
I stopped into a showroom about a month ago to look into an option that would best suit me. I viewed the sunweave shades that I had heard about and hoped that there was a solution for me. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of having to roll the shades up and down horizontally, I had much preferred something that would move from side to side. The associate that was working that day had informed me that I could get the sunweave shades installed on a panel track which moves side to side. They had a large display of one right there in their store for me to operate which was also a big help. The panels looked great and operated very smoothly. I decided that this would be the best fit for my sliding door in my sun porch. I was able to get one that would open from the center out which looks very uniform on that style of door. The only problem that I had with the track was that I didn’t like the valance options. I was hoping that I could use some type of wooden cornice as a valance but unfortunately that wasn’t available. The other valance had a piece of wood colored trim on it that I decided I would use for now and if I didn’t like it I could always build my own valance.
I picked up the product later that week and installed it in less than an hour. It looks great in the room. I went with the one called Barcelona nutmeg. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and it operates very well. I am confident that the function of the material will work properly because of the information that was provided for me at the show room. I highly recommend this product.

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