By: Teresa



When looking for window treatments for a sunroom there are a few main objectives to keep in mind. These include: light transmission, glare, visibility, privacy, and insulation. Depending on the age and location of the home, some or all of these could be deciding factors on which type of window treatment to choose. One option which meets all of these criteria is a cellular shade, possibly with a top-down/bottom-up feature added for more control.

When it comes to light transmission and glare, cellulars are a good choice for a few different reasons. The fabric that cellular shades are made of is designed to be thin enough to let large amounts of light through. At the same time the fabric is thick enough to cut down on the glare and the harmful UV rays that can cause fading in furniture and finishes in the room.

When considering privacy yet still wanting the space to be well lit, cellular shades are one of the best options. The double layers and spun material that the shade is made of allows for full privacy while still letting light pass through into the space. Cellular shades also have an option to add a top-down/bottom-up feature which a for finer control of light transmission and partial visibility while still providing full privacy. This is made possible by lowering the shade partially down from the top.

Insulation factor is another great reason why cellular shades are a wonderful match for a sunroom. Cellular shades are designed with two layers of material with a pleated look, attached in a way that creates air pockets between the two layers. These pockets allow the shade to deflect hot or cold air from passing through in either direction. This means that during the summer they will keep the heat outside and the air conditioning inside. In the winter they have the opposite effect, keeping the cold air outside and the heat inside. Considering the size and number of windows usually found in a sunroom, this can become a major consideration.

Overall, cellular shades are a very good choice for covering large windows in a sunroom. When it comes to all of the considerations relevant to sunrooms, there is no going wrong with cellular shades. Whether it’s light transmission and glare, privacy and visibility, or insulation, cellular shades will give that finished feel to any sunroom.