Make Your Sunroom a Year-Round Room

By: Ashley SclafaniRF-164


Many people enjoy their sunrooms during the bright, warm summer months, but what about when it gets cold? I have a few tips for you to make your sunroom enjoyable no matter what time of year.

You don’t have to decorate with warm colors. Use bright whites to make the space brighter and more open during the dreary winter months. This can be a lot of white so add texture in rugs and blankets to keep with the same color palette. You can add other colors as accent pieces that can be changed depending on the time of the year. If the white is too much or too stark for you, try using light natural woods instead. You can also trim the windows in wood instead of white.

In addition, add other light and heat sources. Days are longer in the summer; make sure you have adequate light sources for the other seasons, or even at night. Dimming lights are great options. Consider adding a fireplace if you don’t have other heat in your sunroom. Ceiling fans are also wonderful, less expensive, additions. They help circulate the air no matter the time of year and add light!

You should also invest in some type of window coverings. They can help keep the room stay insulated, protect furniture and other material from fading, and you can control the amount of light you let in. These are items that can be changed out depending on the time of year as well. Use lighter fabrics and material for the summer and heavier ones in the winter. Get maximum use of your sunroom!

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