By: KarenBTG137

After last summer, we decided it was time to get our sun room redone.  It was a project we had put off since we moved in, because it wasn’t a room that was used nearly as often as the other rooms in the house, or a room that was really a priority compared to all of the other projects that we had.  The way it was when we moved in (which is how it still is) was plain and boring.  It had beige walls, beige tile floor, and we had decorated with some beige furniture.  The only good thing about the room, the way it is now, is the huge open windows.

We decided that if we were going to tackle the project, we would go all out.  We started by updating the floor to a light hardwood, and giving the walls some new paint.  We chose a pale yellow, and those two changes alone really brightened and warmed up the space.  We got new furniture, and stayed with neutral colors, but went with striped couches with white and tan stripes.  For the tables and bookshelves, we went for white wood to keep with the bright feeling in the room.  Now that all of this had changed, we realized that we were going to need to cover the windows with something that would help to protect the furniture a little.  We get very strong sun through the entire morning and afternoon.

My first thought was to do curtains, but being that they are so high maintenance, and take up space in the room, I decided doing something along the lines of blinds would be a better, cleaner, easier idea.  When I went into a local showroom, I explained my situation, and was told I had a few options. We eliminated any horizontal blinds because of my dislike of dusting/cleaning.  We eliminated anything too dressy, or too expensive, because it was still not a formal room.  We narrowed it down to cellular shades and roller shades.

The thing I didn’t love about either of them, was that when they were completely down, I couldn’t see anything in my backyard.  That was when the girl introduced me to Sun weave shades.  They are roller shades, which are made from polyester and vinyl, that are woven to allow you to see through, but are designed specifically to keep out the glare and protect your furniture (I haven’t bought shades in a long time but I thought this was genius!).

I was able to get them in white, and they look amazing! Actually the best part is you barely even notice them, because they just blend right in. I can’t wait to have some free times so that I can spend it out in my new sun room!