Sunroom Decorating Mistakes

By: Ashley Sclafani


Whether you are moving into a home with a sunroom or having one built, the most important thing to keep in mind when decorating is what the sunroom is going to be used for. Not what you would like it to be used for, but what it will actually be used for. Sometimes these are very different things. If you just want to lounge around in it and enjoy the sun, make it comfortable. If it is going to be used for dining or dinner parties, make sure it has a table. What you will ultimately use it for will also determine the colors you choose, as color affects the mood of the room. Make sure you determine your sunroom’s main use before you do anything to it or it may end up as extra storage space.

With that in mind, there are still a few other common mistakes made in regards to sunrooms. The point of a sunroom room is to feel like you are outside when you are not. This is the reason for all the windows. You create a focal point in how you decorate which is usually around something outside such as a garden, pond or tree. Now because of the ample amount of light, many people put too many plants in their sunroom which distracts from outside. If you were going to distract yourself from outside, you wouldn’t need all of the windows. Not just plants—any excessive décor can detract from the main focus. Keep it simple.

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