By: Aisha004_dubai_earlgrey_023

Two weeks ago my husband built a new sunroom addition to our home that overlooks a lake. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, but the problem is the sun. The sun beats down so hard during the day that I can no longer stand to even be in the room. The windows are actually the entire front facing wall of the room, from ceiling to floor. The rest of the walls are painted a pale silver blue. And the furniture all a light grey color, the material being leather. There is also a grey swirl carpet that sits in the center that acts as a focal point to the room and  on top of it sits a stainless steel coffee table. On the other walls are pictures of still life shots of flowers at various angles.

I was looking for is something that I could put up on the windows that would have a modern feel to it,  to compliment the room. I also wanted something that, when down, would allow me to see through it to keep my view of the lake. And I also wanted to cut down on the sunlight. The product I chose that allowed me to do all this was a roller shade. It’s called a sunweave. Its basically a shade that is porous and woven together with an interlocking mesh of vinyl weaving. When down it eliminates the glare, but doesn’t eliminate the view. The color I chose to get was Dubai Earl Grey, which fits perfect in the room. My room looks absolutely sleek and modern. Overall I am excited about the outcome and can’t wait to spend the rest of my sunny days in a not so sunny room.