By: Daphnee



The other day I wanted to read the last ten pages of The Game of Thrones. I took a big chair and I sat next to the window in the sunroom. Holy moly! It was really bright, my eyes hurt, and I could definitely feel the strength of the summer sun (I had to move the chair away from the window, or else I would have had to get out my sunglasses to finish the book). I guess prior to this experience, I had never thought about how much sun hits that part of the house; clearly something needed to be done.

For the winter, it was not necessary to put anything in the windows because the amount of light was perfect for my book reading. However, I was not fond of the fact that I had to block both the sun and the view of my wonderful back yard. So that afternoon, I started to look at different options for my windows: curtains, panels, blinds, and shades; but somehow I just couldn’t find the right treatment. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find anything, but I wanted to find something soon since we were supposed to get more sun in the next couple of weeks (and I had gotten a new book to start).

So one day I was watching TV and I saw a commercial for a store that just sells blinds and shades. I decided to go to the place the next day to see if I could find something for the windows. I was even nervous to mention my needs to the sales person because I had no idea what I was looking for or if it even existed. I explained to the girl that I wanted to block out sun and still be able to admire the view of my yard. After a brief conversation the girl told me she had exactly what I was looking for. I was surprised, and told her I would love to see them, and see how they operate. The girl took me to the department where the shades were and showed me exactly what I was looking for, a shade that lets light in, that I could see out, and that cut out the sun. They called it a sun weave roller shade.

After putting the shades up in the windows I felt good about the choice I made! The color of the material matches the walls, cuts down the sunlight, and now I can sit next to my window whenever I want. The sun is not a problem anymore!