~Sun weaves~
    We have all experienced those super hot and humid summer days. The days where it is too hot to even go to the beach or that you bolt from one air conditioned room to another. The days where you go from your air conditioned home, to the cooled off car, then into the crisp cool stores and restaurants. One product that is both trending and helpful in this situation for your home, business or restaurant are the sun weave roller shades.
These beautiful weaved shades offer a wide selection of fabric, weaves, and light control. you can get this shade in either a spring roller or a side winder, with a chain to control the height. There are many different decorative options with this shade, anything from the valance, to the chain, to the scalloped bottom. There are great in a room you want to block the direct glare of the sun and UV rays, but still want the room to lit up. Depending on the style and color you choose will determine to what degree you can see through the shade. The lighter the color of the shade, will
reflect more of the interior light back into the room. They attract less heat and because lighter colors reflect within the space this causes less viability through the weave. Darker colors however, provide excellent glare-free environments, but adsorb the heat and light. This causes them to be less energy efficient compared to the lighted colors. So because of this you can see through the material better. Sun weaves are made up of a few different blends of material. They are vinyl, sunscreen, and polyester blend. All roller shades are built on a strong aluminum roll and have a fabric wrapped bottom rail to weigh down the shade. the weaves differ from the classic sun weave to the Barcelona and Dubai. They all offer their own unique decorative feel.