When it comes to covering the windows in your sunroom, there are a lot of options.  One of the most popular is Sunweaves, also known as sunshades.  Customers are generally most familiar seeing them in restaurants or coffee shops, and never envisioned them in their home, but when you stop and consider it, they really are a great option. 

The biggest reason is because they will block out the sun but not block out the view.  They are a polyester, vinyl, and fiberglass weave that resembles a screen, and are designed to block out the UV and harsh direct sun.  But, because it is a screen they still allow you to see through them, and make a room feel extremely open.  The other advantage to using these in a sunroom is that they are really easy to maintain – being that it’s usually a room you use to relax! Unlike traditional blinds that require cleaning individual slats, they can be wiped down with a sponge and a spray, and come completely clean in just a few wipes.  Another great thing is that they come in really large sizes – up to 120 wide – which mean that not only can you cover large windows but you can also cover several windows with one shade, which would make them even easier to use.

And, although the ones that you see in restaurants are generally really plain, they do come in a variety of different colors and textures.  The most popular are the ones that are a basic weave in neutral colors, but they come in darker colors, and more natural looking textures, which make it easy to match them up to the decor you have in your sunroom. You can dress them up with a matching valance that covers the roller, and in a one step installation the entire window is covered and decorated.

By: Karen E.