By: Kim


I have a sun room with a large double sliding glass door and 6 large windows. Buying the house initially my thoughts were “this is such a beautiful room! So much light and air flow!” ; as I am sure most people feel.. But little do you know, decorating that room quickly becomes hard work and a lot of trial and error.I knew I needed some type of window covering for mild privacy, but didn’t want it to take away from the openness of the room itself. My house is set back from the street but the sunroom is located off the side of the house, so you can see some of the windows from the street.
I found these shades they call “sun weaves” which block out UV rays so my furniture doesn’t fade but still let some light in, AND you can still see through them to the outside so I don’t lose my view out the back windows in the room, or even of my kids playing out in the front yard! Now I can enjoy my afternoons in there without a care in the world. What will they think of next! I was very fortunate to find these shades and they work so well!!