Summer time is finally here, time to kick off those rain boots from the spring showers, and get out the flip flops, kick back in the sun room, and work on that tan that you have been dying to get. As the sun is brightly shinning and the weather starts getting warmer and warmer, it is time to give the room’s that great illuminating style, and to brighten up all of what the room has to offer. Going from a unique style of sun light gleaming through the blinds ladders of Faux wood and real wood blinds, to having the entire blind open and letting the sun fill the room, exposing the beautiful view not only outside, but inside as well. You will always have a beautiful setting in the summer, though as most of us also know that with Summer, comes the blazing heat that makes you just want to shut all of the blinds, and crank that AC up to full power. Natural, as well as Faux wood blinds are great for room darkening that will block out most of the suns rays, letting the house stay cooler.

Faux wood blinds also act as an insulator being made of PVC material. Now that we have thought about how we can block most of the suns rays, now it is time to think of the Decor of the room, and how we would like to dress the blind itself up to go with the room’s settings. All of the Faux wood and Real wood blinds serve as a great and unique Decor for almost any summer style. Let’s start with the color’s we can choose from. All have many variations of different neutral colors from white, to a dark mahogany. Each color can blend in with the frame of the window, or to match the setting of the room it is going in. Now let us think about going for style. For the room’s where the setting and style’s are simple and plain, a classic valance is perfect to still give the blind that finished look, while staying neat.

Going into a more decorative room we can choose a Designer valance that gives the blind a more unique look, that pops out to the eye giving the blind a more elegant style with its unique design pattern on the valance itself. Going more into upgrading the appearance of the blind we have the option to add a box or trapezoid bottom. The box bottom is great for window sills with a good amount of space where the bottom bar can land and settle there. The trapezoid however, allows for a more cleaner look that tilts the last ladder of the blind, to give it a more symmetrical pattern going all the way down. summer is that time to try out new trending styles, and have some fun with how you want your rooms to look. Let the wood style blinds give you that special and unique style you have been looking for this summer!