This Summer That Be Treasure

What kid doesn’t love a good hide and seek? Now that school is out, your kids will be out playing in the water sprinkler to cool off, or maybe in the pool pretending to be a shark or even a pirate!? A fun activity to help your small pirate is to give them a treasure hunt they will never forget.
To prepare this fun game grab a piece of paper and in large letters write a clue to where the treasure will be. (Depending on the children’s age make the riddle easy or hard) After writing the riddle, turn the paper over and start tearing the paper into about eight to ten small pieces. On each piece, write a clue that tells where the next piece is. (One way to keep track of the pieces is to number a corner of each piece.) Work your way down in numbers, so┬ápiece nine is a clue to where clue ten is, piece eight tells where clue nine is, and so on. Piece number one must be given to the kid(s) to start the hunt. Once they have all 10 pieces then can fit them together and turn it over to reveal the last clue/riddle of where the treasure is!
To the parents that wish to go all out and make the treasure hunt more realistic take another paper and pour some black coffee on it to give it the very old and dark brown look. After the paper dries write a small story of how buried treasure was hidden in the house and clue were left all around to the whereabouts of it. put clue one in the paper and roll it up and tie a string around it. putting the rolled up story somewhere noticable. when the kids come home say you were cleaning and you found something and ask them to go grab it, when they open it and read it or have you read it, watch as their eyes light up with excitement to go on a treasure hunt in their own home.
Good luck me mates, Yo Ho!