Summer Time

Summer Time

Summer is a great time to do some lightening up- and unlike in the winter, less is more.  It’s the time of year to open the house up and let some sunlight in.  There are a few different ways to brighten up your home for summer.

The best way to open up a room – especially and dining or living room area is to take down any window
treatments – drapes or curtains – you had hung up during the cooler months of the year.  The advantage to taking down the curtains is that you let a lot more sunshine into the room, which automatically brightens up the place. Also, when curtains are hung they tend to make the windows feel smaller, and the room feel more closed in (an advantage in the winter when you are going for a cozy feel), but not in the summer when you are dealing with heat.

Another great way to brighten up your room is your choice of blinds. If deciding between a blind and a
shade, there are a few factors that come into play.  For starters, a blind gives you more versatility with how to operate the window – you can either let in a lot of light, or block out a lot of light. You can also control privacy to allow as much or as litte to be seen in the room. A shade on the other hand can provide some insulation – if you still want the light to filter into the room, but the disadvantage is that either the entire window is covered, or the entire window is open.  One way to deal with this is the top down, bottom up feature that can be added to most shades that allows the bottom half of the window to be covered for privacy, but the top to be open to allow some natural light in.

The only thing to consider when making these changes is that unfortunately the summer only lasts for a
limited time, and you do not want to make any permanent changes you might regret when the winter rolls around.  A good tip to remember is that curtains tend to be the easiest and least expensive element to swap out – more expensive drapes or blinds/shades are soemething you are going to want to enjoy for years to come!

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