Summer Sun weaves
By Leyton
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning, make your coffee, and stare out of that beautiful summer view, WITHOUT having to squint your eye’s from the sun? With sun weave shades you have that luxury and more!
The sun weaves are a beautiful roller shade style that comes in many different colors. They allow you to look out of your windows while still having that protective privacy that cuts out the suns glares, and still illuminates the natural light into the room. The sun weaves also come with custom valances to give off the neat and finished design. Going from a fabric valance, to a majestic valance. A fabric valance uses the same sun weave fabric to give that roll-over appearance. A royal valance much like a majestic valance has a header at the top with a strip of the fabric, with a clear trim, where as the majestic allows a more elegant trim letting you choose the trims color and style. Lastly, we have the double majestic, where you have more of a decorative look to your
header still having the strips of fabric and the option of trim color, but with two valances on top of each other. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there is much more. The opening mechanisms is your choice as well. You can have the traditional spring roller, Where the shade is cordless. Simply pull the shade down to your desired spot. The spring roller is a perfect choice for people that have kids and or pet’s. Seeing that there are no cords, there is no need to worry about the cords getting damaged, as well as kids are not pulling on them. To bring the shade up, simply give the shade a tug and guide the shade up. The other opening type to choose from is the sidewinder. The sidewinder is a continuous loop with your choice of a white plastic, or silver metal cord that brings the shade up and down. The sidewinder also comes with a child safety bracket that holds down the cord so it does not sway. In the end, the sun weave shades are a great shade for the summer. From┬áthe stylish look and colors, the designs they come in, and all of the features to choose from. Don’t let the sun keep you in a dark house this summer, instead enjoy this summer with some style.