By: Greg G.


Summer is right around the corner. Now is the best time to start getting your home and windows ready for hot summer days. At Blinds To Go we have a wide variety of styles and colors perfect for the summer sun. If you are looking to block out the harshness of the sun but still be able to look out and see a beautiful summer day, sunweaves are perfect. With an assortment of styles, colors, and UV protection we have what you are looking for.

Sunweaves do not block the sunlight but block the harmful UV rays that can fade furniture and carpets. Each sunweave has a different percentage of UV rays that they let in.  Tokyo has the most colors to choose from as well as the highest percentage of letting the UV rays in at 10%. Milan, Miami, and Manhattan have the earthy cream colors and lets in 5%. Dubai and Barcelona are the most effective with only 3% of openness factor. With a large amount of color option we can find the best option for any decor.

Sunweaves are perfect for sunrooms or closed in porches. The beautiful summer sun still brightens the room but the direct sunlight is blocked. The sunweaves are weaved in a way that you can still see through the shade. This means that in a room like a sunroom or closed in porch, you can comfortably sit in the room and still see a gorgeous summer day.

Sunweaves, from our Classic to Barcelona, are great for the summer. Sunweaves are just one of many products Blinds To Go has to offer that enhance summer experience. So go down to Blinds To Go and speak to a Design Consultant to get you exactly what you need.