Sometimes, the hardest part of summer is having too much time on your hands. Every morning, coming up with a plan of what to do with your children can be a daunting task. A great solution one of my friends suggested to me was to make a big chart at the begining of the summer full of fun ideas. +
The best way to do it is to get everyone involved. Hold a fun family night – and get everyone thinking (last year I got everyone hats and called them their thinking caps). Get a big piece of poster board, and number before your night begins (also find a wall – we usually put it in our kitchen, where it will be hung for the whole summer). Decide going into the night what the minimum amount of ideas you would want to come up with is. Generally 20-30 ideas is a good start depending on your schedule.
Then start brainstorming, and fill it in. Make sure to come up with a variety – time and cost of the events – do not let the kids create a list that would bankrupt you by the end of summer – and do not come up with too many ideas that will only last five minutes.
Some fun ideas to contribute:
– Go for a hike
– Swim in a lake
– Build a sand castle
– Make cupcakes
– Camp out in the backyard
– Go to an amusement park
– Sign books out of the library
– Have a pizza party with friends
The best part is, because everyone is contributing to the list, they will already think the ideas are fun, and you won’t have to be too creative on a 90 degree day in July (when all you want to do is sit at the beach and not move a muscle!)