By: Kim



I always use my sunroom as a gathering space for when we have guests over. I want to be able to use it more than just in the spring and fall – but the heat in the summer is just unbearable. Originally, we put up some vinyl mini blinds as a quick fix, and they did block out some of the light and help a little with the heat in the room.  Unfortunately, they did not at all give me the look that I wanted in the room – they looked like a quick fix too.

The room is fairly large; 14′ x 18′ with three big windows across one wall and two on another. The flooring is a dark stone and the walls are painted a soft lavender. The windows all have white trim and the molding is quite decorative, so I wanted to go with window coverings that would be more formal but also fit within the framing (I know, anything would probably be more formal than my vinyl mini blinds…).

One of my friends had recently been to a local blinds store and told me about the huge selection they had, so I picked her up and we drove on over!  I met with a consultant and explained my situation. I didn’t really have anything in mind so she showed me a few options and asked me some questions (I assume she was trying to figure out what would be the best option to fit my needs). I did know that I wanted something decorative with a pattern. I also knew that I wanted something that would let light in but no one could see in, being that my neighbors back porch is just on the other side of the driveway. I really liked the look of the roman shades, especially the fact that they bubble out and look formal whether they are down or up. She showed me a style called Versailles that had a very ornate pattern to it – almost like a damask print. I chose a lighter color called pearl that had a silvery tone to it to blend with the color of the walls.  At first I considered doing something darker or something that would pop a little more, but my friend suggested I stay a more neutral in case I wanted to change anything else in the room, this way I wouldn’t get stuck with blinds that were hard to match to.

I had an installer come out and measure and a few days later come back to install everything. I figured if I was going to do it, I should leave the hard work to the professionals!  The thick fabric really cuts down on the harsh sunlight and the pattern makes the room feel more formal. Now we can have people over all throughout the summer!