The summer season brings brighter flowers, green lawns, kids playing, and long nights with friends. Many people use the summer months as a reason to revamp their homes and treat their windows to new treatments. During the winter months, heavy curtains and panels are the norm. But once summer hits, you are going to want to lighten your windows up with not only neutral and light colors, but also other treatments, like blinds. Blinds, especially 2″ blinds, will give your windows a summer feel and the ability to tilt the slats. This will allow sunlight to creep in and you can see through the slats. You will be able to enjoy your outside view and feel like nature is fully around you.

Real wood and faux wood blinds are the two most popular 2″ blind choice, but there is another option. Vinyl blinds that come in 2″ slats will give the same type of feel as the other two and help you blend in with summer. Real wood blinds work well in rooms that do not need a blackout feature. They showcase the natural beauty of wood, but with the ability to control the slats and allow your own preference of light in. These are light in weight and coordinate great with popular wood finishes. Faux wood blinds are going to be less expensive than real wood and they work well in highly humid areas and places with direct sunlight. They will not match perfect with popular wood finishes, but they will provide 2″ blinds with neutral colors and alternative wood blends. Somefaux wood colors will even come with a wood finish grain that you can feel. The underdog of the 2″ blinds is the 2″ vinyls. They can come with patterns and textures, which differentiate them from the real and faux woods. These are great for people that want to add an extra “pizazz” to their windows, but do not want to add curtains or sheers.

All of these types of blinds will come with a valance attached to give your window a complete and finished look. These look great by themselves, but if you want to add a spring color, you could add sheers or a small valance. With the summer comes the humidity and heat. Real wood blinds have the tendency to warp and fade with direct sunlight. Faux wood and 2″ vinyls will hold up much better in humid areas and will not sag or warp as easy. Depending on the climate that you live in and how much light hits your windows, will guide your decision in which option to pursue. No matter the option, you can be rest assured that you will have a bright sunny view and can enjoy the summer in 2.0 style!

By: Ashley H.