By: Meghan

prestige double white
So 2013 is ending, and you have spent so much this year. Birthdays, holidays, bills- ugh. And you always feel like you are spending money at the worst times. Though let me, let you in on a little secret- end of the year is the best savings. Everyone is getting into the mindset of “Out with the old, and in with the New”. And you should as well. Hey spending money isn’t so bad when you are saving money!

End of the year is when stores drastically mark down last year styles. This is so much better than in between season sales! This a years worth of savings!

TVs, DVD (hey, test out that BluRay player!), pots, pans, appliances, furniture. Clothes are hit or miss just because what is being clearanced or in other words gotten rid of are items that couldn’t sell, not updated technology or patterns.

So you can get that love seat you were eying for 75% off just because that shade of red didn’t make into the companies 2014 collection.

Don’t stop at furniture- start or have your final change up (and taking advantage of sales) for your windows treatments.

Same thing as with your furniture, some colors may not have made it into 2014- doesn’t make them any less special. Plus blinds and shades are staples in homes, colors may change but these items would change with seasons or year to year anyway. Full price or half price, most people do not typically change items like this that often.

So with the close outs, that real or faux wood stain that they are doing away with because it wasn’t a high seller, well that color would just be the perfect shade to go with your grandmother’s antique four poster bed you inherited. Plus not a high seller? Score! Now your custom made product looks one of a kind. (And for the right price!)

Take advantage of the changing colors by getting that blue that you adore in a roman shade. It is still the same silhouette, but due to a liquidation of that fabric you are getting it for a steal.

Your friends will ask you your secrets, love your designs, love that new shade- oh but wasn’t it so expensive? And you can just laugh and say no!

Remember, styles come and go, but blinds and shades are long lasting- and saving money is always fashionable.