In summer, temperatures can become record breaking high very easily from causing you to feel unbearably hot to forcing you to crank up the A/C and fans, therefore, costing you more money pertaining to your electric bills. Now skylights, even though they are beautiful windows that provide the utmost privacy without any kind of window treatment at all, can cause the same issues with the sun beating on the glass. The amount of sunlight that can come through these kind of windows (depending if it receives direct sunlight can be overwhelming, creating it to be uncomfortable and overbearing for anyone to endure. A room, no matter which, should not be described in this way, and if you would use these words I think it is time to do something about that skylight.

Our skylights help to prevent these problems because of the fact these, like our cellular shades, are made to insulate windows. They come in all the neutral colors and two different styles , light filtering and blackout. To keep your skylight clean you are advised to only vacuum and spot treat it with mild soap and water; however, it is not recommended to submerge your shade in water due to the material creating mildew.

To measure for skylights you will need the measurement for an inside mount and must have a minimum of depth of 2 1/4″ for clearance. The polycarbonate tracks keep the physical material within the frame, which is there to hide the gears used to operate it. Our polls with a hook at the end of them are used to open and close them if you are not able to reach the skylight.

So this year, instead of just dealing with the cons, start appreciating the pros with our skylight shades enabling you to enjoy your skylight this summer.

By: Tiffany P.