April’s finally over.  It seems that it finally took winter with it.  And after the snow storms week after week this winter, it is finally time to enjoy the sun.  All of the snow is finally gone, and the fresh mulch has been laid – there are even some flowers finally starting to bloom!

Being that there was so many snow days, people spent a lot of time in the house, and it is finally time to freshen up and get the house ready for spring and summer.  Unfortunately the best place to start is with a good – “spring cleaning.” Washing all the fabrics, and taking down the heavy drapes, and putting away all the heavy blankets.  To draw inspiration from the outdoors, it’s a great time to bring some floral patterns into the room, and where better to start with the blinds now that you’ve taken down the curtains.

There is a variety of different pleated shades that have a simple floral pattern.  (Meaning, enough to decorate the room right now, but not too much that you are at a loss next year when it comes time to hang the curtains again).  They come in bright, neutral colors, that will quickly brighten up the room.  The advantage to pleated shades is that, while still giving you your privacy, they filter in the natural light so the room will stay bright and sunny (as long as it stays that way outside)!

Even though it’s just one element of the decor you are changing, you can quickly change the look of a room with not too much work or too much money.  Happy Spring!