By: Tiffany H.

April showers bring Blinds To Go floral patterns. While sprucing up your gardens and shrubs, why not apply some spring-cleaning to your windows with some floral accent.

2014-05-06 10.14.53Dover

Amongst our wide variety of vertical blinds, we have a select few of floral patterns to brighten any room and window. One of our most popular patterns we offer would be our Dover covered with a soft rose pattern, accented with delicate swirls of bright rose, blue, white, taupe, and sand. This playful little pattern not only comes in a vertical but can also be transformed into a two-inch blind to match the field of roses on your sliding door or picture window.



One of our higher end and versatile fabrics, ballet embodies the soft delicacy of whimsical floral pattern. Its four natural colors accentuate its earthy vines and leaves design. Not mention the functionality, this fabric can dress up your formal living room and dining room in a roman shade. Traditionalize your kitchen and bathroom with a roller shade, bring a touch of charm to your bed rooms with a Ballet pleated shade and add a up to date contemporary look to your sliding glass door with are Ballet panel track. This versatile picturesque leaflet can fulfill any look your desire.

fabric tape

Fabric Tape

Now for those who love a foliage sequence but prefer the ambidextrous functions that a blind offers such as privacy with open and close light control, we have decorative borders that will surely tickle your fancy. With an assortment of fabric tape options to add to your 2-inch vinyl, faux wood, real wood, and aluminum blinds, I’m sure you can find the pattern to bring out the gardener in you.

So this spring while sprucing up your garden why not stop in to your local BTG and welcome a permanent garden into your home.