With the passing of winter, along with its dark, gloomy, cold weather, here comes SPRING, with its sunny warm weather and bountiful bright colors. This year it would be a great and fabulous idea to welcome the sunlight with our wonderful light filtering cellular, pleated, and serenity shades.

Cellular shades, being the most popular out of the pack thus far, will definitely bring together both style and functionality to any room. With its calming neutrals and bold bright colors, this will surely lighten up any room that it is placed in. Its insulation factors will give your room that transitioning factor that it needs for those cold nights as we come out of winter into spring.

Pleated shades are in a way the “stylish sister shade” to the cellular shades. With the pleated shades you have the accordion look of the cellular shades, without the insulation factor, but with more design options and opacity levels. So if your looking for a conversation starter when people see how much the design on these shades “pop” in the sunlight these are definitely the shade for you.

The serenity shades, one of my favorites, will set a level of modern style to any room. Serenity shades are definitely the “one and only” in the family of shades. They are between a shade and a blind in the sense they can tilt open so you can adjust the amount of light and opacity when the shade is actually down! So no matter how complicated or simple your new ideas for window treatments are Blinds To Go is the place to be for all your beautiful light filtering needs this spring.