What better way to welcome spring by some home decorating! A great way to update things is using a pop of color, and this year, the color is teal!

The good thing about the color teal is believe it or not – it is pretty nuetral! Being that it is a color that is found in nature – shades in the sky, and ocean, it is easy to tie into your decor in a bunch of different ways!

-Add a painting. You can find paintings easily, that have wide ranges of colors in them – and can bring out different accent pieces within your room.  Ocean or lake pictures are great options to bring in the colors!

-Use accent pieces. Easy fixes are soft treatments – blankets, rugs, and throw pillows.  You can also use decorative pieces – picture frames, candles, and lamp bases are easy switches – that can bring in a lot of color.

-Bring in the outside.  Being such a popular color choice in 2016 florists have actually been growing flowers in various shades of teal. If you want to keep it simple, go with white flowers and get some teal vases. Spring is the perfect time to buy fresh flowers and use them to decorate – it reminds you that winter is finally over and summer is right around the corner!