Spring Decor on a Budget

by Karen E.

The best part of social media is all of the DIY (do it yourself) projects that you can find – and how to do them cheap!  Between what friends share on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (of course!) there are too many projects to keep up.  Of course, depending on your level of expertise, you do not want to chose anything to complicated.  So, I’ve picked out a few no fail DIY’s to dress up your home for Spring 2015.

Updating your potted plants.  Most of us have the traditional orange colored pots (to be honest, most of my plants came in them).  They add a pop of color as is, but really do not add anything to the overall decor of the room, so a simple solution is to update them.  Stop by a fabric store, and grab some 2′ squares of fabric – often times fabric stores have a clearance section of fabric that was already cut and someone changed their mind, fabric glue, and a brush.  When you get home, coat the pot in a layer of paint, and simply wrap the pot (take the plant out first), and instantly you’ve added a pop of color/design!

Colored glass jars.  A lot of us already have the colored glass jars – open the cabinet and take a look.  A lot of oils, canned veggies, and juices come in funky colored bottles these days (solely for the sake of re-purposing). If you do not have any, stop by a local thrift store where you can grab some for really low prices.  Fill the jars with some fresh flowers from the garden, and line them along window sills, and you instantly bring some color and style into the space.

Mason jar candle holders.  Of course mason jars projects are everywhere this spring, but the good thing is that means you can get them at a lot of stores (especially craft stores) for pretty inexpensive.  You can spray the jars themselves with a glitter spray, and get some simple votive candles to put inside.  It saves you money from the expensive larger candles, and the light shining through the glitter looks awesome.

Those are some good starter projects.  If you feel more ambitious, just check out Pinterest and you’ll be occupied for weeks!