By: Karen

It seems like I just took down the Christmas tree, and finally got every last pine needle out of the carpet.  And now its spring!  I just got back from the mall, where spring and summer have exploded in all of the stores, with vibrant colors, and floral prints.  And my house is still dark – cozy, but really does not feel like spring is coming at all! So, back to the drawing board to figure out how to warm the place up!

I decided to draw inspiration from the fabrics I had seen at the mall, even though they were a little more daring than my normal color choices – tangerine (bright orange), lime green, yellow, and navy blues – were the most popular colors I had seen.  I decided to focus on my family room and dining room – and of course, spruce things up with the most inexpensive ways I could find.

First inspiration was throw pillows I found at Target – they were a large floral print with orange, green and navy blue.  (Being that I love to decorate, but am not really knowledgeable on the subject, I find it easiest to find one piece that I can pull colors from to decorate the room). While I was there I picked up some new vases – colored glass is really popular right now – I got some blue and green pieces.  I also got some great fake flowers  – they will last forever, and really added a pop of color to the room!

To brighten the room up even more, I took down my dark curtains (I had done dark red and green side panels for the fall/winder), and replaced them with sheers.  I stood there for a while debating what color to go with – I have off white cellular shades – and always tend to go safe, but this time I got cream sheers, with a subtle yellow print on them.  They completely transformed the room, and brightened it up more than I had even hoped!

To finish it off, I purchased some  candles, and changed out my throw blankets to brighter colors. To be a little creative, I picked up some colorful picture frames at the Christmas Tree Shop (like $2 each!!) and changed out the photos I had in my dark wood colored frames.

The whole project cost less than $100 and really transformed the look of the rooms.  Now, all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed that winter is gone for good, so my garden outside starts to bloom and brighten up my lawn!!