By Kim W.

It’s that time of year again; Spring! And that means it’s time to get organized! Out with the old and in with the new! While cleaning out my basement and garage this spring season, I have used some very helpful redesign and organizing ideas that have made my life much easier.The first thing I did was started fresh! I took everything out of the space so I had a clean slate to work with. This gave me the opportunity to both assess my actual accessible storage space I had to work with and to go through all of old junk that had been piling up over the past year (most of which I forgot was even there and did not even need!) Being an organized person in general, I enjoyed being able to step back and see all the space I had and how I could best work with my space.

I decided it was best to make use of the walls vertically since I had a lot of smaller odds and ends that needed storing. So my friend and I made shelves that stretched most of the width of the wall, and were separated by approximately 14”-20” in height. This left enough room for me to place storage bins and containers that I purchased at locals stores onto the shelves to hold everything from winter hats/gloves/scarfs on the top shelf to gardening tools and summer items on the lower shelves. This way, when winter comes back around I can easily switch around the bins!

I then added coat rack pegs and a 2-tiered shelf on the floor beneath the coat rack for shoes/rain boots, which has now created a makeshift mudroom in my garage! It works out perfectly! No more shoes all over the floor! I already can’t wait to take on my next redesign project!