Spring Cleaning!

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Everyone dreads the spring cleaning. There is a rarely a person you will find that wants to set aside an entire day to clean! Over the years, I have come up with a few ways to break down the task so that it does not seem as daunting. One of the good things about breaking it up is that you do not need to find an entire day to do it, and if you have help , you can delegate a lot easier!

For starters, break down the tasks as inside vs outside. If you are sharing duties , that’s one of the easiest way to split the job in half. If not splitting the task, it gives you an easy way to divide your time , as much or as little as you might have. Another great idea is rather to divide it even further , so if you have just an hour before work, or an hour when you get home at the end of the night , you can tackle on chore.

For example , spend one hour dusting the entire house, or one hour washing all of the windows. When you have more time , wash the curtains, clean the bedding. Another time , clean the floors, or clean the baseboards. Another time, clean the blinds , whether you have to take them down and dust, or are planning on cleaning them in place. Use one hour to clean the appliances, or deep clean the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the hardest part of my plan , is the planning! Writing out a check list of tasks is the most important part of accomplishing what you set out to do. So, take your first hour you are going to invest into cleaning, and break it all down. Walk through your house, inside and out, area by area, and room by room. Once you have this checklist , hang it up somewhere you can’t avoid, and get to work! And , tidbit of advice, once you make the list, keep a copy for next year , then you can skip step one!!