Solar shades are a great choice when privacy isn’t a factor, but blocking light and glare are still important. Solar shades will prevent UV rays from fading your furniture, floors, and other household items. They’ll also help to keep the glare of outdoor sunlight off your TV. They’re just like sunglasses for your windows!

Solar shades come in different levels of opacity, varying from 3% – 10% openness. Now what does that mean? A 3% shade will block almost 99% of the UV rays, while a 10% will block about 86%, and so on. The lower the percentage, the tighter the weave of the material, and the less light will be let through. The more popular choice is usually around 5% opacity. It’s what you’ll tend to see in most commercial and residential applications.

People who have a great view and do not want window coverings at all often turn to solar shades as a way to protect their home from UV damage. As long as the opacity is at a high level, you’ll have a clear view through. The shades will also keep your home cooler and more efficient because they’re blocking heat.

At the end of the day, solar shades are a great way to both aesthetically cover your windows AND keep your home protected by dangerous UV rays.