Let it snow!

My kids love the littler gel stick ons. They come in all sorts or styles, colors and patterns. They add to any style of home. They are amazing for small apartments because they virtually take up no room, but still adds to any holiday or celebration. We love our snowmen and snowflake cling-on. They also help out on those pesky snow days, when you have run out of activities to do indoors, It can kill a good hour of playtime, mixing and matching the different snowman and creating different winter wonderland. The best part is no matter how dirty they get, if you just wash them with soap and water they are as good as new. As soon as they dry they regain there stick factor. Worst case scenario if they rip or you do not feel like saving them, they are only a dollar. Even though Christmas is over, I like to keep my holiday lights up. The days are shorter which means its darker longer. I feel like the lights brighten up the long winter. They also make a great night light if you need an alternative, fast. Last year, my daughters princess Sofia light blew out as i was conveniently putting away our tree and decorations. So we took a string of colored lights and draped them over there picture frames so they looked like vines and it adds a lot of color to her butterfly room.