By: Karen

I’ve shopped, I’ve researched, and I’ve shopped some more. I am the woman who can not make a decision until I’ve explored every option, and researched them all to death – it’s an investment, and I don’t want to feel I made the wrong decision when it’s too late. But, finally, I’ve decided, as in the rest of my decorating, to keep it simple, and to get white cellular shades for all of my windows.  The windows are old, so I get the insulation, and all of my frames are white, so I really can’t go wrong!

The final debate I come to – smaller vs. larger pleats?? I’ve talked to people – neighbors, friends, relatives, and what feels like all of the people who sell blinds and shades in my town.  It seems to be a split with a few more people tending to the side of the larger pleats.  But when I ask them why they prefer one of the other – the deciding factor seems to be – “Oh, I just like it better,” even though there are some distinguishable differences.

For starters, the larger pleats provide more insulation.  I know, as I mentioned before, insulation is one of the main decision-making factors.  But, if the look is the deciding factor, I can purchase a double cell shade – which actually provides almost equal insulation to the larger pleats, for a very small price difference.

The second deciding factor everyone says, is how big your windows are.  “You should use smaller pleats for smaller windows, and larger pleats for larger windows – that’s what interior decorator’s do…” Now, I’m not an interior decorator my any means, but if my window is 29 x 60, it’s neither big, or small, so again, it’s left to preference.

Then you have to consider the rest of the décor within the room.  If your space is more modern, you want smaller pleats because they have – cleaner, symmetrical lines – what I’m unsure of is why, smaller pleats have any cleaner, symmetrical lines than the pleat that is 3/8” larger.  I know my mother, who has traditional décor would never imagine putting any cellular shades in her house, even if the pleats were more spaced out. And, the argument that the larger pleat is “newer.” Again, they are both new if you ask the previous generation – so that doesn’t seem to matter either.

So where did that leave me? At the same place where everyone else had been when they made their decision.  To be honest, I chose the larger pleat, I couldn’t tell you why – because I liked them better?