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Most of the time we think we are restrained to one option for a sliding glass door, verticals. That is no longer the case, now there are a couple of different options that people use for sliding doors based on their particular necessities and wants.

Based on what you’re looking for there are a few different options. Some questions you can ask to find out your best solutions are:

Do you want to block out some of the sun and still be able to function the door?
In this case a vertical would work but there is also the option of a two-on-one shade, ranging from aluminum mini blinds, pleated shades, cellular shades or even roman shades, which all have this function ability. This way you can raise one shade and keep the other down, all in the meantime only having one head rail and not having to worry about two separated shades. You’ll also have the ability to treat them as two different components.

Is there a draft created by the door that you are trying to block out?
The best option for a treatment in this case would be a cellular shade. They are a great insulating shade, and will contribute to blocking out that draft.

Are you looking for a fabric shade that you would like to slide in the same direction of your door?
The best option is a panel track, it provides you the ability to have a fabric shade without having to worry about raising it only upward or having it down. You can use it on a track that opens just like a vertical blind would.

Does the door have a nice wood trim you’d like to match?
A real wood blind with a two-on-one would be a great option in this case to blend in with the frame and more so camouflage the door when it is down, while being able to get the full use out of it when the blind is up.

You can use these questions as a great guide when you are searching for a sliding door treatment!

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