By: Karen

I just moved into a new condo, and my living room is huge. It opens to the dining room and kitchen as well, which gives it a nice, open feeling. The only problem is that when the sun comes out it gets really hot, really fast. There are about eight windows all together, and an oversized sliding glass door that leads out onto a balcony. So, there is light coming in from all angles, from sun up to sun down. Which means, you can’t be in the room without sunglasses. Which also means, as much as I do not want to, I have to buy blinds.

The problem is, I like everything to match. And I only like verticals on my slider, because it’s a door that gets used all the time, so I do not want something that needs to be completely raised to get in and out. But, I do not want verticals on all the windows (that seems really outdated to me). I asked around for suggestions, most people agreed not to do verticals throughout the room. A couple people said it would look like everything matched if I just did it all in the same color, but I was hoping for some pattern so it looked a little nicer, and I didn’t really know how I would be able to accomplish that. I took to the Internet, to do some research.

I decided to start with the vertical, because I knew that would be the only option for the door that I would be happy with. I decided to go with a vinyl, because I would be able to have a little more control over the sun. I did really like the softness of the fabric, but the ones I really liked were a light and delicate fabric, and I was afraid it wouldn’t block out enough light. I chose a vinyl slat that was a cream color with an embossed floral print, that was subtle, but enough to break it up. When I announced to the salesperson I was ready to tackle the hard part that was matching to the windows, he said oh, well you could just go with the 2 horizontal version of this blind, which is made from the exact same material.

I would’ve never known this option existed if it hadn’t been for his help! It was exactly what I wanted, because it was the same color, texture, and everything! I got the blinds hung up this weekend, and they look fabulous , no more sunglasses necessary!