When we finished our sunroom this past year, we closed it in with glass sliders rather than the tall screened windows that had previously been in the room. We decided to close it in so it could be used year round, rather than just in the summer time when it was warm out.  Instead of going with large windows that would be harder to operate, we decided the sliders were a good solution , and when left open they would let in the most amount of air and light.

Once we finished the room, we used it as a family room.  It basically became a casual room where we could all relax, and the kids could play without us worrying about what they were going to break or get their fingerprints on.  We got a lot of use out of the room during the day, but at night no one spent too much time out there because of how little privacy it seemed like you had.  With six sliders, there was glass everywhere.  When my husband suggested we put up some verticals up, I was mortified.  I hate verticals, and we had discussed before installing the doors that those would never be an option.

So of course, he told me that if I didn’t want to hang verticals, I had to come up with another option (reasonable request I suppose).  I like the idea of something that wasn’t too bulky, and could be used for privacy at night, but would disappear during the day.  Turns out there were a few options.  One option was doing large roller shades over the whole slider.  With that option, it disappears during the day, and can come wide enough to cover it in one piece.  I really didn’t like the look of one huge piece, even if it would only be down at night because it reminded me of wallpaper (and you would have to raise the entire thing if you needed to walk outside).

When I expressed this concern, the girl at the store suggested doing two separate shades, with one valance over top.  After looking at some pictures, I realized I liked that look, because it broke up the large expanse of the doors (took away from the wallpaper look), and it made it possible to just raise up the shade on the side of the door to walk in and out). I picked out a neutral, easy to clean fabric.  It’s only been a week but we never leave that room!