The skylights that bring in warmth through the cooler days in the fall and winter, and look pretty through the spring, tend to become a source of heat once summer comes around.  Suddenly instead of helping, it is heating up the room, and making the air conditioner work even harder.  The other effect, which might not be noticeable at first, is that the sunlight can also very quickly fade your furniture and fabrics.

A lot of people do not even realize the option, but there are shades that can solve the issue.  The shades available are cellular shade, which are the best options for insulation as well, and that is awfully convenient.  They come in a track system, which runs along the sides of the window, and run on tension.  Depending on how high the skylights are, they have a handle which you can manually open and close by hand, or can be ordered with a pole that hooks onto the handle to open and close the shade.  The shades are available in both a blackout and a light filtering option.  The light filtering will give you enough shade to protect your furniture, and help with the heat.  The blackout will cut out all light, which of course, will help a little more with the heat, and do come in handy if anyone wants to take an afternoon nap.

Either way you go, you will suddenly have a lot more control of the temperature of your room.  It will help to cool in the summer, and when winter rolls around again you’ll appreciate how much it helps to keep the cold out!

By: Karen E