By: Ashley

When looking at houses, many people love the fact that somewhere in their lower level house, they will have a sliding glass door. But no one understands that once you move in your going to need to cover the slider, to avoid becoming a sitting duck! Sliders will not only allow tons of light to stream in, but privacy levels will drop dramatically. The initial discussion becomes do I deal with it or waste tons of money covering up this huge slider? There are many products out there on the market that could potentially be put up as a window treatment, but the price tag could have you second guessing your judgement.

Fabric verticals are a modern and traditional alternative to vinyl verticals. They usually come with weights on the bottom, to allow natural light to flow through the fabric. Depending on the material, the verticals can become very sheer in the light. This can be combated by using a vinyl groover behind the fabric to block out light and have privacy. Another product, panel tracks, are gaining tremendous popularity. They are thick panels, usually between 22-30 inches wide, that are made with fabric and offer a look parallel to curtains. Both options are great for sliders, but can be naughty on the wallet when on a budget.

Vinyl verticals have been around for quite some time. Some people like to stray away from them and use fabric verticals or panel tracks, but if you need a budget friendly option, vinyl verticals are the way to go, no matter the size slider. These days the color and pattern availability have changed. You can now find more colors to match your decor and valance features to complete the look. And if your concerned with the look from the outside, you can rest assured; most vinyl verticals will be white on the back to give your whole house a uniform look.