By Sami E.

With more people becoming environmentally conscious, the focus on shopping local is becoming more prevelant. While Blinds to Go operates in both Canada and the United States, we still have the feel and business model of a local company.

When you buy your window covering from us, you can rest assured that they won’t be going on an inter-continental journey to reach your local showroom. Our factory in Montreal, Quebec manufactures products for all of our Canadian showrooms, while it’s counter-part in Lakewood, New Jersey makes products for our American locations. This means that shipping is done overnight resulting in less transportation than almost any product you will buy for your home. While this may not seem like a big deal, the reality is that global manufacturing is harmful to our eco-systems, and the health of our planet. When you buy from Blinds to Go you are making the choice to support your local economy, create jobs domestically, and ensure limited shipping which can reduce harmful emissions into our atmosphere.

When you buy a product from Blinds to Go you will also be given a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms. This can help you perserve your window covering and ensure that you will not have to buy new ones for a long time. The net result  is that if your blind is broken, we will fix it rather than have you purchase a new one. This perservation mentality can go a long way in limiting the number of resources wasted to manufacture brand new products. the longer you are able to use your existing blinds, the less waste generated, the better the environment is. Furthermore, we will gladly take any blinds you wish to discard and recycle them safely, if these blinds are in good working order we will ensure their continued use by donating them to a charity that will pass them on to a person in need. It is time that more people started making a concerted effort to support local business and buying your blinds at Blinds to Go can do just that.