The Shade That Keeps on Saving

By: Sherry

Choosing a cellular shade will help you save money in the long run because they are insulating. This means they will trap the air that can pass through a window. In the summer time, the hot air outside will be filtered through the shade’s cell and less will pass through into the room. With winter approaching, the cell design will also prevent your room’s warm air from passing through the window as well. Cellular shades also have a white backing to them, to reflect sunlight away from the window. Cellular shades are not the most expensive product to buy and in the long run, they will help keep your electric bill down as well. They are the ultimate money saver.

When looking for a cellular shade, some companies may call it a honeycomb shade. This is a reference to the design of the shade. There are different types of cellular shades. There are single, double, and blackout cells or honeycombs. Each one has a different insulating value (also known as a R-value), and cost. A single cell shade gives privacy and allows the sunlight to filter through. This is the least expensive type of cell. It can range in R-value depending on the size of the cell. For single cells, there are smaller sized cells available, usually a 3/8″ pleat, and larger sized cells, usually a 3/4″ pleat. The size of the cell can vary depending on the manufacturer. A general rule of thumb is the larger the cell size then the higher the R-value (more insulating). A double cellular shade means two cells together. This type of cellular shade usually comes in only a smaller 3/8″ pleat size. It does cost a little more money for a double cell and can be more insulating as well. It also gives more privacy and filters out more sunlight.  The third type of cell is the blackout. A blackout cellular usually has a Mylar lining on the inside to block out all of the sunlight. This makes it the most insulating type of cellular shade, but also the most expensive. It usually can come in the normal 3/8″ or 3/4″ pleat size. A single, double or blackout cellular will fit any need for any room, and into any budget.

Cellular shades are relatively inexpensive, and can fit into any budget. There are going to be special features you can add to cellular shades, but keep it simple. That will keep the cost of the shade down. The great thing about cellulars is they help you keep saving money over time. Because of their insulating value, you may need to use the air conditioning less often, or not turn the heat up as much. This will be reflected in your electric bill in the long run.

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