The summer months are very popular for many people. It’s the time when you can kick off the snow boots, shred those chunky sweaters off your back, and slip into a simple dress or some shorts and step out with flip-flops. At this time of year, we trade the dull and cold air with warmer temperatures and smoother living. But even with this being said, sometimes it can get too hot and that is when the uncomfortable feeling and hatred towards summer comes in. In homes, many people still have their curtains and drapes up because they block a good amount of light, but now is the time to shed those old hot looking window treatments for a sleek and cooler option.

Cellular shades are very modern these days. They have a honeycomb on the side, which makes them the top product for sunlight and heat issues. They come in light filtering and blackout options. The blackout option will block all sunlight and heat from coming in; you will have to physically lift them to get any sunlight in. The light filtering cellular shades will only let natural sunlight in, while keeping out the summer heat and direct sunlight. Sunweave shades are the next best thing to cellular shades. They do not offer privacy like the cellulars, but they will only allow natural sun to come through. This means that all the afternoon sun and heat will be blocked from entering the home. Depending on the weave these can be very sheer and offer little to no privacy. Bamboo shades are an alternate option if the prior two do not spark an interest. They are natural insulators in themselves and these can come with a liner on the back for more privacy and less light to come in.

All three products can come in a wide range of colors and can match great no matter what room. Cellular shades will not come with a valance, so they look great with sheers over top or a little valance above to cover the headrail. Sunweaves are very natural looking and will work great in kitchens, porches and sunrooms. They offer small privacy, so you will want to be very selective of what rooms to put them in. They are roller shades, so they will come with a valance to offer a complete look. Bamboo shades will come with a valance option also, and many companies will allow you to add edge binding to fully customize your look. All in all, there is no need to run around crazy looking for shade or start moving furniture out of harms way. If you are looking for shade, just hop to Blinds to Go and look at our great insulating shades that work great for the whole house!

By: Ashley H.